If you are a four-wheel drive enthusiast, you need our 4wd rear drawers. This will enable you to pack extra gear which you can easily access when you need it. These sliding draws efficiently store various items inside your vehicle which keeps the centre of gravity lower than it would have been if you had stored gear on the roof, which in turn keeps your vehicle on the ground and counteracts toppling.

Tips Regarding 4wd Drawers

You should never purchase a standard slide and expect to have solved all your packing frustrations. It is crucial to have a clear plan of what you want to store in the drawers, and using this knowledge, design a unique space solution that best suits your specific needs.

  • Don’t forget the water: When you design your drawer system, remember to allocate space for your water tank. Since it is not always viable to fit it outside of your vehicle, consider the alternatives to place this necessity. Will it be a long flat tank or a bulky square tank? Will it fit on top of the drawers or next to them?
  • Straight or drop slide: Depending on the model of your vehicle, you can optimise space by placing your fridge on a drop slide on top of a draw. This allows you to utilise the space next to the first draw for further storage configurations or water tanks.
  • Optimise drawer space: While 4wd drawers optimise the available space, you can optimise the room inside the draws further by using crates or containers. Group items and place groups in separate containers, further simplifying and organising your storage.

What You Can Expect from Kruiser KK Kustoms Regarding 4wd Drawers

A 4wd excursion is not known for its smooth ride, consequently we ensure a sturdy build by using robust materials for manufacturing.

  • Strong base: All our drawers are fitted with a 12mm hardwood, exterior grade, ply. This stabilises the drawer while evenly spreading the weight of the loaded content, to improve your performance on the 4wd track.
  • Three-stage slides: A three-stage slide has a further stretch and is manufactured as a medium or heavy-duty slide, depending on your requirements.
  • Locks: We fit drawers with key locking handles which add a second layer of security to the contents.

Why Trust Kruiser KK Kustoms Regarding Alloy Draws

We have manufactured many drawers for our customers over the past five years. Each one of them was supplied a custom made drawer system, designed after a thorough, in-depth consultation. Understanding your purpose for the drawers enables us to use the correct strength during manufacturing. Our forward-thinking approach allows you to add to the storage at a later stage as your needs change.

If you want a 4wd drawer system which does not conform to everyone else’s, but is unique to your vehicle and your lifestyle, give us a call to find out more.