Kruiser Kustoms offers customised storage solutions for your exact needs, that means that units are built to fit your existing items you wish to travel with.

Totally Kustom

I will ask you a number of questions when we meet so I can get a full understanding of what you want in your system, chances are I will ask you questions you haven’t thought about, that are important when designing a vehicle setup.

More than drawer systems

Kruiser Kustoms do more than just drawer systems, we also off our customers the ability to integrate dual battery systems and power outlets, lighting, water tanks and pumps, tables and awnings into your complete Kustom fit out. Custom mesh screens and camper fitouts, odd jobs and 1 off fabrications is all in a days work at Kruiser Kustoms.

Superior Quality

We don't have off the shelf drawer systems; all drawers systems are kustom and hand-built, for you and your vehicle. Construction materials used are of high quality with attention to detail in the craftsmanship and finished product.

Drawer systems are not built on a production line; they are built from start to finish by one person, ensuring a high quality finished product. The storage units are built from an exterior grade hardwood ply board, marine bonded (not pine wood) with the use of steel and alloy bracing where needed. All drawers and fridge slides run on quality, weight-rated ball bearing runners. The drawer slides are attached to the drawers with T-nuts and bolts set with thread-lock glue.

All components are glued and screwed together and all uncovered surfaces are sealed with exterior grade gloss paint. An extensive range of carpets, vinyl’s and laminates are available for your custom built drawer system.

Kruiser Kustoms do not compete with the Chinese import market, Kruiser Kustoms are here to offer you a complete custom, quality, hand-built product that will serve you for many years, making your touring holidays that much more easy and enjoyable. Take the time to drop in and see Karl at his Brendale Workshop, have a chat and create a storage design that works perfect for you, or browse the gallery below.


At Kruiser Kustoms we think “standard” drawer systems are boring - so we don’t have any. You don’t have to choose from a standard catalogue at Kruiser Kustoms, you can decide to have whatever you want!

Have a look through our showcase to discover innovate ideas and use of high quality materials then get in touch to get your system underway.