The correct solar system could improve your camping experience by providing various home comforts such as hot water, lights and electrical points which make the trip enjoyable and more laid-back for you and your family, especially for babies and the elderly.

Problems Ute Camping Fit Outs Address

Decrease camp setup time with the correct design and installation, which increases your relaxing time. A solar system adds convenience to your camping trip. Speak to us about including a solar system with your ute space upgrade. We can integrate dual battery systems, install water tanks and pumps, create awnings, make tables and so much more.

  • Maximise Space: If your ute doesn’t have a camping fit out you are probably experiencing excessive frustration when you reach your campsite and start unpacking. A custom fit out would enable you to create spaces for individual items such as fridges, utensils or tools, also ensuring they are stable and aren’t damaged while travelling.
  • Convenience: We can’t overemphasise the convenience of pulling out a drawer or lifting a flap to find all your items exactly where you had placed them. Easy to view what you packed, nothing fallen over, and easily accessible. A further advantage is the added dust protection the fit out offers.
  • Security: Equipment, gear and tools are costly. Having drawers and custom-made spaces for various items keeps everything out of sight of prying eyes.

Before your next camping trip, request a quote and put disorganised clutter behind you by investing in one of our custom fit outs to ensure the outing is pleasurable for you too.

What You Can Expect from Kruiser KK Kustoms

This is not an operation that supplies standard, run-of-the-mill fit outs. Every solution is customised to your exact requirements.

  • Comprehensive service: During the initial consultation, you may find that we ask questions you never considered. Our extensive knowledge and experience regarding fit outs enable us to review all applicable angles and ensure we supply you with a product that is perfect in fit and function.
  • Quality raw materials: We manufacture all items in-house, therefore, we are in control of the quality every step of the way. Only high-grade raw materials are used. From the exterior grade hardwood ply, aluminium or stainless steel sheets and high tensile bolts, our quality raw materials, assures you of an exceptional finished product.
  • High standards: The finishing displayed in our fit outs demonstrates the high standard of workmanship we deliver.

Why Customer Should Use Kruiser KK Kustoms

If you desire a bespoke design, then our meticulous manufacturing and superior construction, combined with our unrivalled personal attention, is simply your only choice. There is no catalogue; we work with you to create an innovative, perfect fit out which far exceeds your expectations.

We don’t do standard; we do Kustom unlike anything you have seen before. Call us to find out how we revolutionise the spaces in your vehicles, campers and utes.