At Kruiser KK Kustoms we design, build and install custom drawer systems and fit outs, including custom canopy fit outs in Brisbane. Get more use out of your ute or dual cab with one of our custom fit outs adding storage and a whole lot more to your vehicle.

Benefits of Canopy Electrics in Brisbane from Kruiser KK Kustoms

Owners of utes or dual cabs in Brisbane tend to put their vehicles to use in the outdoors. Given the reliance we all have on our electrical devices, adding canopy electrics as part of one of our custom fit outs will help keep your devices charged, but that is only the start. Many of our builds include refrigerated compartments and other powered devices.

  • One of the most popular options for our custom fit outs is power outlets to allow our customers to use and charge electronic devices with ease when exploring the outdoors.
  • Beyond providing power outlets for extra power, our fit outs can also include refrigerated compartments allowing you to keep your food and drinks cool, even when you are well away from Brisbane.
  • Given the custom nature of our systems, we can design and build canopy electrics tailored to your specific needs. This can be perfect for mobile businesses who need electric-powered tools while on the road.

The Importance of Canopy Dual Batteries in Brisbane

If your fit out includes power outlets or any of the other powered options we can install, you will need canopy dual batteries. An auxiliary battery will ensure that the power you use will not drain the battery of your ute or dual cab. Our dual battery systems include a REDARC 1240 BCDC charger to allow for easy charging.

  • Without a dual battery system in your custom canopy, any power used will drain the battery of the vehicle itself. If that drains completely when you are enjoying the outdoors, you’d be stuck waiting for a jump.
  • The REDARC 1240 BCDC charger we use in our dual battery systems allows for both in-vehicle DC to DC charging from the engine as well as solar charging at the same time. We can also add solar panels to your fit out.
  • With these installed as part of your fit out, it can handle a wide variety of the powered options we can provide.

Why Trust Kruiser KK Kustoms Regarding Canopy Electrics

Our customers trust us because of the superior construction we provide using quality materials. By custom designing every one of our fit outs, we ensure that they fit your vehicle perfectly. We build them to last and stand up to the demands you need to put on your ride. Our work speaks for itself, and we have a large showcase of previous products for you to browse on our website.

If you are interested in getting more information about our custom fit outs, including canopy dual batteries, contact us today.