Adding a dual battery system to your vehicle, be it a Landcruiser, a ute, or a van, is an excellent way to improve its versatility while providing you with more options when you want to "get away from it all." However, selecting these systems can be a challenge — to say nothing of the difficulties inherent in installing them. At Kruiser KK Kustom, though, you can enjoy easy access to a service tailored to meet your needs. Let us handle this critical step for you.

The Importance of Having a Vehicle Solar System

Are there good reasons you should invest in the installation of a solar system to augment a dual battery setup? Yes! In fact, there are many. Here are just a few of the biggest ones for your consideration:

  • Provide yourself with reliable access to power for all the accessories and equipment you have stored inside your van or ute. Solar energy is available practically every day, is easy to harness, and works very well for charging battery systems for keeping you comfortable through the night.
  • Increase longevity on (and off) the road. Don't struggle with swapping in new batteries when the old ones run down.
  • Save money over the long term on expensive replacement batteries.

What Sets Kruiser KK Kustoms Apart in Lithium Dual Battery Systems

Using lithium batteries with solar panels is a smart move, but it’s also essential to find a provider that can deliver on your expectations. Why should you bring your business to Kruiser KK Kustom? Aside from our dedication to providing real one-off work, we also stand out by providing our clients with:

  • Versatility and experience. We are proficient with a wide range of solar systems and lithium battery setups. As a result, we can look over your plans and provide suggestions for systems that will provide you with ample power to handle the challenges you'll face on the road.
  • Safety and reliability. Setting up electrical systems in your vehicle requires practice and precision, and we take care of every step to ensure that your installation goes completely by the book. After we're finished, you can trust in the safety of your new dual battery system.
  • A can-do attitude — no project is too complicated or too involved for us to tackle. Bring us your best challenge and find out what we can achieve.

Whether you've already picked out the panels and batteries or you don't have any idea where to go next in your project, we can remove the confusion and deliver on your expectations.

Why Choose to Work with Kruiser KK Kustom?

At the end of the day, we love to escape the hustle and bustle of city life just as much as our clients. Because we understand what is important in fitting out a ute, van, or Landcruiser, we can provide results that match the idea you had in your head. Don't keep putting off that fantastic cross-country trip just because your vehicle still isn't ready. Connect with Kruiser KK Kustoms today to find out how we can help.