10 things we do so you can be assured of a quality, lasting product.  

1) Full size hardwood ply floor, side walls and tops

All our drawer systems have a full size 12mm hardwood ply floor, this gives better strength and stability plus dispenses the drawer systems weight and contents over the full area. This allows us to fit them to ute trays without the need to remove your tub liner.

Side walls and tops are constructed from 15mm hardwood ply and the whole system is glued and screwed together with 40mm screws.

2) 3 stage medium or heavy duty drawer slides

Our 3 stage drawer slides are bolted in with M5 bolts and T nuts and loctite on medium duty slides and M6 bolts and T nuts and loctite on heavy duty slides.

3) Exterior grade paint

All uncarpeted surfaces are painted with exterior grade paint.

4) UV stabilised carpet

We use high quality UV stabilised marine carpet to trim all our drawer and storage systems and is available in a range of colours.

Carpet is 2 surface sprayed and bonded to the plywood and all edges are stapled off.

5) Manufactured in house

Our drawers, fridge slides, stainless tables are all manufactured in house on our own machines. This is how we can fabricate exactly what you want in sheet metal or aluminum. We fold and weld all our drawers, tables, fridge slides to 1 solid piece.

6) Carpet lined throughout

Inside of drawers and fridge slide trays are carpet lined and drawer fronts are wrapped as 1 piece.

7) Key locking handles

All drawers come with key locking handles.

8) Bolted, riveted and sealed

Drawers are bolted or riveted to slides depending on application and slides used.

Drawer and storage systems are bolted down with M10 high tensile bolts and washer plates and holes sealed up.

9) Fitted in house

We fit all drawer systems in house to customer vehicles.

10) Customised side wing panels and end stops

We customize the side wing panels and end stops and fit them after the main drawer system is installed to the vehicle, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time!

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